Anglers of all abilities love visiting the Brahan Estate. And no wonder!

We offer fresh water fishing for visitors who can test their mettle on the banks of the River Conon (wild brown trout) which flows through the estate or Loch Ussie where the Loch provides Pike and Perch fishing. There’s even some salmon fishing available! There can’t be much better fishing in Scotland.

Tuition is available and fishing on the River Conon and Loch Ussie is FREE to visitors staying at the Brahan Estate properties.

River Conon and Brahan Fishing Pond
Trout fishing on River Conon (Fly fishing and Spinning allowed).  Rainbow Trout in our Pond, for all information please contact Roger Dowsett (01349) 830606

Loch Ussie: Bank fishing only for Pike and Pearch £12 per day, please contact the estate office for permits or for more information (01349) 861150

Rod hire: £5 per day or £20 per week